Terms And Conditions

Welcome To TG8KWT.COM
These terms and conditions apply to the site and all of its divisions, They apply when using or purchasing products & services through our mobile application and website TG8KWT.COM and provide important information for you as a buyer.

Account And Registered Users
To access a particular service to order and purchase a product, you must create an account at TG8KWT.COM (mobile application or website) your account is personal and not transferable to any third party.

Your Account
If you use TG8KWT.COM, you are responsible for maintaning the confidentiality of your account and password and for blocking access to your computer, and you agree TG8KWT.COM accept responsibility for all activites.

E-Payment Methods
Payment is made using credit or debit card at the time we receive your order for the related products. We accept (Knet - Visa - Mastercard - Paypal - Pay On Delivery) In case we are unable to provide the products.

Delivery Process And Areas
To ensure prompt and timely delivery, a call or message will be sent via Whatsapp within the day of delivery. Delivery of product will proceed after 48 hours of placing the order, the customer can cancel the order during the first 24 hours of order placement.

Return Request
The Customer has the right to submit a product return request within a period not exceeding 14 days from the date of receipt. In the event of a defect in the product manufacturers.

About us

1- General Inquiry

1.3 What is TG8KWT.COM?
Tech & Gadgets is an online retail multi-vendor store on a centralized management team and entrepreneurs that sells everything from your typical electronics to other products that you have not heard of and seen before, we are approaching the market with a “think outside the box” approach by providing our clients different, unique, and exclusive electronics and gadgets.

1.2 Looking to be part of TG8 team? Contact us at INFO@TG8KWT.COM or Through the (Sell On TG8) option in our website.

2- Account Enquiries

2.1 Why do I need to register
Registering your account on our platforms will make it easier for us to contact you and notify you of any of our newer upcoming products and latest deals, you will also not miss out on any of the upcoming trends and exclusive Gadgets.

2.2 How to do I contact TG8KWT.COM
TG8KWT.COM customer support and General Inquires can be done by
Or through Whatsapp
+965 96095992
+965 94933252
between (8 am – 2 pm) and (5 pm – 8 pm)

2.3 What payment methods can I use to pay for my order?
Currently we offer various payment methods K-net  Visa  Mastercard. Cash upon Delivery.

3- Delivery Details and Fees.

3.1 When will I receive my order?
Orders placed will be delivered within 48 hours (two working days)

3.2 when will the delivery team contact me?
Our delivery team will contact you during the day of delivery you will also receive a notification via WhatsApp that delivery of your order will be attempted during the specific day.

3.3 How much are the delivery fees?
Delivery fees are calculated during check out depending upon area of request.

3.4 If I have changed my mind, can I cancel my order?
Customers have the right to cancel the order within the first 24 hours of placing the order. In order to avoid any delays, cancellation of orders that have passed the 24-hour clearance window will be subject to fully deductible of delivery fee amount.
Orders that have been placed and passed the first 24-hour window will be delivered during the next 24 hour of the next day, coming to total of 48 hours of delivery timing.
(First 24-hour Cancellation window)
(Second 24-hour Delivery initiated and processed)

3.5 Delivery team have arrived, but I was not home?
No need to worry, we offer free 3 consecutive days of delivery attempts, our delivery team will contact you by phone
on day two before the delivery attempt and ensure that you will be at the delivery address to accept your order accordingly.

4- Post-Sale Enquire

4.1 How can I return or exchange items I bought through TG8KWT.COM
TG8KWT.COM does accept returns and exchanges (subjects to availability and price difference) and strict return policy on tamper tape being sealed and product box being on mint condition as delivered.
Returns and exchanges are processed and accepted within 14 days of delivery date, Products that have been delivered will only be accepted as return after requesting (Return Product) tab within our mobile application or website and uploading all requested information and three clear pictures of tamper tape being sealed and not tampered with or opened, in Addition opening or damaging the box or product will not be accepted as returned item or exchanged.
After uploading three clear pictures within the (Return Product) Tab our team will review the return product request and conclude within three working days, if the product is returnable or not (Uploading clear pictures and processing the return product request, does not mean acceptance of returned product)
All returned products are subject to delivery fee deductible.

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